Our rug collections are curated specifically with the latest colorways and textures in mind. These collections are largely hand made and are made of natural and/or recycled materials. Above all else we ensure that we partner only with accredited and socially responsible rug makers that respect both the environment and the very many people employed to painstakingly create a truly handcrafted piece for your floor.

All rug orders take around 10 business days to ship.


All care and warranty information is provided with each rug purchased.

Buy Designer Rugs for Sale Online in Australia

We understand that when home owners wish to decorate their homes, they'd prefer to purchase high quality products, that won't break the bank. Here at United Interiors, we pride ourselves on our collection of modern rugs and other interior décor pieces that offer premium quality, at competitive prices. Since many individuals lack the time to shop around for the right pieces to suit their individual tastes, we have made our range accessible to everybody with an internet connection. Spend as much time as you'd like browsing through our range to ensure you find the style that matches your existing furnishings and unlock your homes full potential.

Accessorise your space with our range of modern rugs

Rugs offer a fantastic solution for those with floorboards and who don't want to spend a large sum of money having carpets installed. They are stylish and eye catching and can complement your existing décor. We have a number of rug styles available, including wool, jute, blends, recycled and more. Regardless of the design you wish to buy, we're confident that you'll find a modern, traditional or contemporary rug available for sale on our online store that exceeds your expectations.

Our recycled designer rugs for sale in Australia offer a sustainable option

United Interiors represents the latest in contemporary and trending flooring solutions that are not only beautiful but reflect a sensitivity for the environment with a clear focus upon natural, textural and organic elements. We are big advocates of making eco-friendly choices wherever possible in an effort to minimise our impact on the environment and also the people working within. We also feel that our clients respond positively to our sustainable approach and wish to provide them with the option to buy stunning modern rugs, that also embrace environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Speak to our team for any queries or questions

We're always happy to speak with our clients regarding any of the products in our selection. Call our team on (07) 5635 4251 and one of our knowledgeable professionals will be able to answer any of your product, or shipping-based questions.

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