How to Enhance the Look of Your Home With Abstract Art


Few people fully appreciate how abstract art can complement their home living space. If you want to impress visitors to your home, displaying the right piece of art will do the job like nothing else. 

There’s no need to clutter up your home with wall paintings, removing all the empty space. A judicious piece of art mounted here and there, though, will make your bare walls so much more interesting.

If you need more tips, here’s how you can use abstract art to enhance the look of your home:

abstract wall art in lounge room above side buffet

Hang Your Art Where They Get Natural Lighting

Light is one of the most essential elements when it comes to art, especially if you want to enjoy your abstract artwork for years. It’s a great idea to mount your art where they get natural lighting because this is what makes them look their best.

It’s a common mistake to put your art pieces in dark corners where they get no natural lighting. This is a great way to make your art pieces look fading and worn out.

It’s a great idea to put a few pieces of your art where they get direct sunlight and enjoy their beauty as they get a new lease of life.

Add a Large Mirror in a Room with Art

A large mirror in a room with art is a work of art itself. It’s a great idea to put a large mirror in a room with a piece of abstract art to make the most of the available space. The combination of a large mirror and art in a room is simply exquisite.

You will be amazed at how the lines and colour of your art will appear to multiply in the mirror. It’s a great way to beautify your home.

two abstract wall art pieces matching home decor

Create Harmony Between Art Pieces and Furniture Pieces

One of the best ways to utilise your space well is to arrange the furniture in a room in a way that complements the art. You don’t want to put small sofas in front of large art pieces. The same goes for the chairs and other furniture pieces.

The furniture should be large enough to make the art pieces look good. Likewise, the colour should complement the colour of the artwork. It’s a great way to make your art pieces fit in the room.


Don’t Go Overboard with Too Many Pieces

Many people are tempted to go for quantity rather than quality when it comes to art pieces. It’s a common mistake to go overboard with too many pieces and end up drowning your home with too much art.

It’s a good idea to have just one or two pieces in one room. The effect will be quite dramatic. You don’t need to have too many pieces just to have a striking home interior.



Most people think that abstract art is only for the wealthy. The truth is quite different. Abstract art is amazingly affordable. If you know where to look, you can find stunning pieces of abstract wall paintings that are pretty affordable.

It’s a fantastic way to enhance the beauty of your home. Display the right piece of abstract art, and it does the job of turning your ordinary home into a stunningly beautiful home.

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