How to create the most incredible gallery wall in your home


Fellow art lovers who have a deep appreciation for a broad range of prints and paintings can fulfill their art goals by curating the ideal gallery wall within their home. Remember—you don’t need to restrict yourself to selecting a singular, bold piece anymore, as multiples are very on trend right now and will be indefinitely due to their longstanding, classic appeal. If you want your home art gallery wall to appear as it would in a high-end gallery setting, there are numerous elements you need to consider to give it that alluring edge. See below for our professional gallery wall art tips and tricks to welcome into your space.



Good lighting in your room will undoubtedly amplify the appeal of all your wall art pieces. Lighting acts as an attention-grabbing mechanism and can draw your audience’s attention to particular important aspects of your gallery wall. Consider the theme of your wall art, if it’s monochrome you may want to stick to more simplified monochrome light fixtures—if you’re going for a more repurposed or vintage look and feel opt for wall sconce lighting with brass shades in black or antique bronze.

When lighting artwork—the suggested formula or angle for the light is 30 degrees. This positioning will reduce any glare or reflectance, which allows for optimal viewing. With this 30 degree lighting angle strategy, you can ensure the entire artwork is covered with sufficient light—and those unappealing dark or shadowy spots will be avoided. As a general rule of thumb to avoid casting shadows with a large or extra-large frame, add 5 degrees to the lighting angle.

To accentuate the texture of a painting, subtract 5 degrees.

Tip: oil paintings tend to be more detailed in texture in comparison to more flat painting techniques—therefore, using direct lighting may highlight or shadow particular areas in an inconsistent manner. To avoid this (with oil paintings) use a broad light with effective coverage to ensure the entire piece is well lit.


Frame choice.

Generally speaking, gallery walls are asymmetrical to allow for variety—however, there are rules to follow to ensure your asymmetrical gallery wall is still balanced. Firstly, ensure you have a focal point. This generally will be one framed piece that is the largest and therefore will be your ‘main piece’ or your ‘midpoint’. Having a gallery wall without a large focal point can look messy and chaotic—and you’ll find your audience will get lost in the viewing process. A larger frame within your gallery wall is important to command the space. Scatter your smaller frames around your main larger frame in a balanced manner. With gallery walls you have the freedom to keep all the frames cohesive in colour and style or you can opt to mix it up and incorporate a range of frames in varying colours and styles. Feel free to keep it all sleek and black or mix neutral frames, with crisp white and black in both matte and non-matte. You have the freedom here to create something that works brilliantly with your home’s existing interior design and personal creative flare.


Plan before you hang.

Taking a range of accurate measurements prior to hanging your wall art in a gallery formation is a key component to ensuring your gallery wall maintains that high-end look and feel within your home. Start by measuring your chosen wall space, then measure each frame and of course the space between each piece of hanging art to ensure it will look balanced on your chosen wall. Use tape or paper cuttings in the size of your chosen frames or canvases to measure out your gallery wall to scale on the ground. This way you can view exactly how it will look prior to committing to hanging each piece on the wall. This process allows you to experiment with sizes, shapes and positionings to ensure your ultimate formation prior to fixing the chosen frames to the wall in your home.

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