Decorating Your Kitchen: Here’s How to Pick Wall Art!


Kitchens are fast becoming the centre of the home! People need a place to gather for both hearty meals and casual meetings and cards. Kitchens are also the place where people find their comfort food. They have long since moved from being strictly utilitarian spaces with wood and metal surfaces to comfortable places where people want to linger. Kitchens now have comfortable seating areas and soft lighting. 

It’s no wonder that sprucing up the place has gone far beyond the latest appliances or conveniences. All of that said, where is the best place to start when it comes time to choose wall art?

wall art pairs hanging in kitchen dinning room

  • Design (Colors and Typography)
    If you decorate your kitchen walls using prints that have bright, warm colours, it will create a cozy and inviting space that encourages people to spend time there. Reds and yellows are also said to encourage appetite, which is ideal in a kitchen! Typography that makes you smile, especially when you’re tired, will encourage you to start the day off right. That can help with making mornings a little easier.
    Think about canvases with phrases about hope, coffee, love, breakfast and even just the joy of togetherness.
    For an extra flavourful kitchen, have you considered fruits? When yellows and/or pastels are in use, playful prints can be whipped out. Strawberries, lemons, bananas-the possibilities are endless. Consider busy prints in animal skin-esque looks, too; those are sure to kick up the energy in the kitchen!
  • Size
    The primary space in kitchens for art and creative expression is generally the walls. That’s because the countertops and surfaces are mostly used for food prep, eating and other activities. It’s so important to prevent overcrowding. This is why smaller prints are the best choice so that they fit in just the right spaces to add design elements like a pop of colour.
    It’s not necessary for wall prints to be bought all at once. One wall print that may look good by a counter can do fine by itself until another interesting piece of art materializes.
  • Style or Theme
    Every single space in your home will reflect your taste and serve as a showcase for your artistic sensibilities. Or just be a fun way of self-expression in a means beyond fashion. Decorating a whole new room altogether, however, can be time-consuming. Why not use your own space as a template for what you want to accomplish in your next project?
    Gather inspiration from the overall vibe and style of your space to guide you in planning the layout of the art in your kitchen.
    Another way of going about it is to just go rogue and use art to make your kitchen a true standout. Look into something you’ve always been fascinated by, like the ’50s diner era or the funky vibes of the ’70s!



The heart of any home is the kitchen, as it’s gone beyond the place for preparing and storing food. Nowadays, modern kitchens are places to gather, bond and even entertain guests. Decorating with wall art is a great way to give the place a huge lift. Pick wall art by considering the style or theme, size and design.

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