5 Useful Tips to Keep Canvas Art in the Bathroom Pristine


There are many ways you can add a little flair to your bathroom’s interior design. You can play with tile patterns, go wild with wall paints, mix up the textures, add low-light plants, and so much more. It is interesting to note that people have mixed opinions about hanging pieces of art in the bathroom.

Hanging a painting on your bathroom wall is a great way to add interest to the space. It can also fill the vacant-looking wall while rounding out the room’s balance. However, since the bathroom is a humid space, maintaining the integrity of a painting can be a challenge—but it’s not impossible.

If you want to place stunning canvas wall art in your bathroom, here are some tips you can follow to keep the painting, print, or artwork in pristine condition.

two pieces of wall art in bathroom

Choose the Location Wisely

Choose the location of the painting carefully. It should preferably be placed at the end of a long wall, away from the water source—the bathtub or shower. 

Even if you plan on hanging the painting above your bathtub, make sure to do so at least eight inches higher than the tub. This is because the moisture from the bathwater can seep through the paint, fading and distorting the image through time.

Let the Air Circulate

When hanging your stretched canvas art in the bathroom, make sure to leave a small gap between the canvas stretcher frame and the wall. It will ensure that air circulates under the artwork.

Air circulation is important because it prevents moisture from building up on the art’s underside. Keeping away the water is one of the best ways you can do to prolong the artwork’s lifespan in your bathroom.

dark bathroom wall art

Get Small Appliances Involved

Unlike most rooms, the bathroom tends to have a high humidity level, which is not good for wood frames and canvases. Place a dehumidifier or a small fan in your bathroom to keep the room fresh.

Using a dehumidifier or a ceiling fan will help reduce the moisture in the air. Keeping the humidity at bay prevents your canvas artwork from experiencing damage.

wall art hung next to bathtub in bathroom

Add a Clear Varnish on the Painting

Clear varnish is formulated to protect, enhance, and beautify wood and paint. Although it will not prevent water damage, the sealer will enable you to wipe down the painting with a damp cloth to clean the surface of dust and grime.

In applying varnish to the artwork, make sure to choose a water-based varnish as it will not damage or alter the paint or its surface. Additionally, remember to clean the canvas before painting or spraying on a coat of varnish.


Do Not Frame It with Glass

Many people like to get their bathroom wall art framed with glass, but this is not the best option. Bathroom moisture tends to seep through the glass. Instead of protecting the artwork, you create an environment for mould and mildew to grow.

Another reason for not framing bathroom wall art with glass is the risk of slipping. When someone falls and accidentally knocks off the artwork, you don’t have to worry about shards of glass on the bathroom floor.



A stretch canvas wall art in the bathroom can add a classy flair to the space. However, since the bathroom is a humid and wet space, you have to put in extra effort to protect the painting or print.

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