4 Ways to Use Canvas Prints in Elevating Your Home Design

When decorating your home, make sure you apply your sense of style and make it reflect the design decisions you’ve been establishing around various rooms. After all, the final goal in home decorating is to bring in comfort—whether it is the colour of your walls, the furniture, or critical art pieces you install in your home.

If you’re looking for simple ways to adorn your home beautifully, you should consider using canvas art pieces. Art can bring a lot of feelings to your room—passion, excitement, drama, or joy. Besides that, canvas art can also encourage engaging conversations, especially if you have visitors in your home.

If you want to learn more, here are some creative ways you can show off your favourite art pieces to complement your home design.


1. Play Around with Different Wall Decor Styles

Decorate your home’s accent wall in the room and mix it up with beautiful canvas prints. They can serve as statement pieces that will add visual interest and improve the appearance of any room.

For instance, you can pick out a canvas print in the centre of an accent wall then surround it with beautiful family photos of varying sizes, antique art pieces, or use wall sculptures. Just let your creativity run free in combining them.

wall art painting of Italy


2. Hang Canvas Prints in Unexpected Places

When hanging art pieces, you don’t have to limit yourself by displaying them on accent walls. For instance, you can break the tradition by showcasing them in the other corners of your home—especially in forgotten spots. Consider the top of your fireplace or those white spaces near your stairs.


wall art above desk in home office

3. Create a Gallery Wall

If you have the space, you should consider creating a gallery wall. It is basically a wall of photographs that you creatively arrange on the wall. Gallery walls are perfect for installing in a bedroom, living room, along your staircase, or your hallway.

What you can do is put up various canvas prints of different sizes. Display an oversized print in the centre, then pick out complementary art pieces to breathe in character to your gallery wall. Or, if you want, you can also pick out a theme and select matching colours that would go well together.

gallery wall of art in lounge room

4. Design Your Shelves with Art Pieces

Do you have some shelves around your house? If you have shelves of books, plants, mementos, souvenirs, or photographs, add more life to it by bringing in some canvas art prints.

Including art prints on shelves can help you by rearranging art however you want and changing its position once in a while without needing to drill holes in your walls. The main point is to generate visual interest for you, your family, and whoever drops by to visit you in your home.

wall art on shelf

Final Thoughts

Let your creativity run wild when it comes to decorating your home. From the various options above, you should find effective ways to use beautiful canvas art pieces to give your home a new look and increase your interior design.

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