Basic Habitat x United Interiors Shop-In-Shop (Curated by Dani Wales)

dani wales basic habitat united interiors showroom shop in shop zakkia bloomingville kate and kate society of wanders marble basicsWe’re so excited to play host to the Basic Habitat shop-in-shop within our new showroom!

Curated by Dani Wales (ex-Block contestant, designer, renovator, TV host and online boutique owner – and wearer of many hats!) – the beautiful Basic Habitat range has a focus on the minimalist aesthetic. Their trans-seasonal, timeless products promote high-quality design and craftsmanship that transcends fad.

This is Basic Habitat’s first ever bricks & mortar showcase (as is United Interiors!) so we thought what better way than to launch together and open a pop up sale on the 23rd July.

dani wales basic habitat shop in shop homewares united interiors showroom

Dani’s passion for minimal design with Scandinavian and Japanese influences sees many international producers on her product list. Her Basic Habitat Shop-In-Shop range includes beautiful pieces from our favourites Zakkia, Marble Basics, Bloomingville, Kate & Kate, Society of Wanderers and Nathan & Jac. We’re also showing the never-before-seen Mikmax Barcelona linen range. Stock will be super limited (there are only 3 sets of the Mikmax range available. They are not released anywhere in the world until September, and Basic Habitat is the only stockist in Australia – talk about exclusive!)

saus - calella mikmax dani wales basic habitatsaus - calella mikmax dani wales basic habitat

Dani is delighted to showcase the array of products that she loves, and says “you won’t find anything available in the shop that we wouldn’t happily display in our own homes”. Her beautiful curation has her seal of approval!

dani wales basic habitat shop in shop homewares united interiors showroom

We had a quick Q&A chat with Dani – in between setting up the showroom, unpacking boxes, picking up shop signage and photoshoots (this lady literally doesn’t stop!) – and asked her to share her insight on all things interiors…

dani wales basic habitat shop in shop homewares united interiors showroom

UI: What prompted you to start Basic Habitat?
Dani: Launching Basic Habitat the shop was always part of the plan when I first launched my blog. I wanted the shop to be an extension of my blog, that had a product offering that reflected the aesthetic and style of content published on the blog. I also wanted there to be an emphasis on quality authentic materials that are sourced honestly.

UI: Where did the name Basic Habitat come from?
Dani: I was brain storming for quite literally months before Basic Habitat one day sprung to mind. My personal design style is quite minimal and my home includes only has the basics… no clutter. I love the quote “With good basics, you’ll have endless options” and that’s what I strive to achieve with the product offering at Basic Habitat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.23.30 PM

A trend you love?
Dani: Trends are great but I think we can often get too caught up in applying trends too literally to our homes interior. Trends are just that, trends and will come and go so it’s often better just taking inspiration from rather than honing in on every single one… this will provide a much more considered outcome.

UI: Tell us about your interior aesthetic.
Dani:  As I mentioned above, I am quite a minimalist at heart but have a guilty pleasure of vibrant artwork. My house doesn’t have much space so everything I own and use to furnish the space with has a purpose. I love texture and am big on layering so there are always plenty of cushions and throws around.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.24.21 PM

Who are your style icons?
Dani: Far too many to list haha! I’d probably have to say Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn… so much style. In terms of interior style icons, I love loads of local interior designers and architects and feel they could definitely compete with the best in the world. Mim Design and Fiona Lynch constantly push the boundaries and a good friend of mine Sally Caroline is definitely one to watch. Probably my most favourite architect is Vincent Van Duysen… that guy is seriously brilliant.

UI: What’s something at your home or office you can’t live without?
Dani: My integrated coffee machine… and my Mikmax blankets.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.16.07 PM

What do you think are the hardest elements of a space for home decorators to get right?
Dani: The mixture of textures and patterns… oh and scale. One the biggest interior blunders I see is awkward sized furniture that just isn’t right for the space.

UI: How has your style evolved since the Block?
Dani: My style has evolved as I’ve become more educated and been exposed to within the industry. I have developed a good understanding of what good design is now and have a real appreciation for quality, authentic products so I try as hard as I can to stay true to that. That doesn’t suggest I’m a good at executing good design but I’d like to think I’m getting there haha, but at least I have a clear understanding of the process behind it all.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.24.57 PM

How do you balance passion and business?
Dani: It’s difficult. Sometimes emotion takes over and reason goes out the window but I’m lucky my partner constantly grounds me and reminds me that its just that, business.

UI: How did the Basic Habitat ‘shop-in-shop’ concept come about?
Dani: United Interiors first contacted me about the launch of their new showroom (which is fab by the way) but it was definitely a collaborative process between United Interiors and Basic Habitat that has been a long time coming. I’d been following them online for a while and have been discussing using their artworks for design projects, so after a string of emails and an onsite visit – here we are! The next for Basic Habitat as a online retailer is definitely to “test the waters” so speak of a real like bricks and mortar store so I was absolutely thrilled when UI invited me to be part of their “shop-in-shop”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.26.50 PM

How would you style United Interiors products with Basic Habitat accessories?
Dani: Showing is definitely better than telling in this case, so here is a snippet of what I put together, and what you can expect at the Basic Habitat x United Interiors Shop-In-Shop:dani wales basic habitat shop in shop homewares united interiors showroom

The Basic Habitat shop-in-shop is open during our pop up sale on Saturday 23rd July, where you can meet Dani Wales from 1.30pm for some exclusive style advise and e meet & greet.

shopinshop dani wales basic habitat united interiors pop up sale 23rd july


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