Tips for Deciding Between a Painting or a Print.

Finding the right piece of art, that encompasses your style and personality, can make or break a space. One of our most asked questions is how to decide between a hand painted artwork or a canvas print. Depending on your existing style, colour preferences and how you want a piece of art to feel in a space you can be torn in multiple directions between a painting and print. To help make the process a bit less daunting, try following these handy tips.

Are you in a rush?

Need to fill a space before you are having guests? Styling a property? Need to get a last-minute gift? Our prints will always get to you sooner. Our studio cannot make a hand painted artwork overnight! You can expect our prints to ship from us within 10 business days, while our paintings will take approximately 20.

Do you want texture?

One of the key differences between a painting and print, is the texture. There are many different styles of paintings, some will use a brush that applies the paint very thin on the canvas that appears flatter but shows off the brushwork of the artist. Others will use a pallet knife to apply paint onto the canvas in think strokes, giving an extreme amount of depth and texture to a piece. The key here is that paint will always sit on top of the canvas. Prints, on the other hand, will use modern digital print technologies and high-grade inks that will soak into the canvas itself, giving a perfectly flat image.

Are you making a statement or blending into a space?

Hand painted artworks and prints can both work as a statement, and both can work as a great neutral blending pieces, it all depends on the subject. In the example of comparing the exact same artwork or subject in a painted vs printed version, a painting will typically work better as a statement as its texture and colour will pull people in more than a flatter print of the same subject. For example, if you have a coastal home, a photograph of a seascape will work better to blend, while an abstract hand painted seascape will work better as a statement.

What is your style?

Style is not always a factor in deciding between a painting and a print, however you will often find certain styles adhere to prints and over paintings and vice-versa. You probably cannot walk down the street without noticing palm springs making a comeback! This style that encompasses contemporary coastal living lends itself to photographs and prints, while hand paints done in this style are harder to come by!


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