The Dos and Don’ts of Hanging Wall Art + a Few Extra Tips


Wall art was much easier back when bedroom walls were plastered with posters for ’90s boy bands and girl groups, yeah? You could just tear them out from the pages of Smash Hits and stuff them into a poster hole in the yellowing pages of our favourite songs.

These days, though, we may have developed more sophisticated styles. Wall art expresses who we are and what we love, where we’ve been and what we covet. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do with them, plus some extra tips.

wall art in lounge room


  • Hang in All Rooms: People often wonder how much they should display wall art in their homes. Too little might be too simple, while too much could be gaudy.Our answer is: don’t discriminate. Hang art in any room where there is wall space. You can display something on the walls of your dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and even the guest bathroom that your parents might use. Select pieces that fit each room’s unique environmental factors so that they will last.
  • Hang What You Like: There’s only one thing to worry about when buying art for your home. It doesn’t matter if you find something in a gallery or order prints online and frame them yourself, or if you finally get those photos framed and up on the wall—if you love it, buy it. Simple as that. Your walls should be adorned with things you love and make you feel happy and at home.
  • Paint the Walls: Don’t opt for the easy white walls choice. Instead, choose an accent wall and fill in the rest of the space with neutral greys and whites. This will show off all kinds of art, from black and white photos to coloured artwork. Display your favourite pieces on a feature wall that pops with colour.

two wall art pieces in lounge room



  • Hang Them Everywhere on a Wall: No one is stopping you from doing it, but for good interior design — don’t. Blank walls help make the arty ones pop and ensure that your art doesn’t feel like vertical clutter. Art-free walls can also distract from the ones that have art on them and allow paintings and other pieces to draw more attention. Choose walls with the least interruptions like windows and air conditioning units for your art, and fill them with pieces you love. 
  • Match Them: Wall art is your chance to break loose from the colour scheme of your interior by using a variety of visual forms to make your home look like it was found and decorated organically.


Must all frames in a room match? They don’t have to, but the frame and artwork should go together. Match the frame to the art first and foremost. If you’re hanging a collection of photos in matching frames, match the frames as closely as possible. If you’re hanging a collection of pictures with different frames, pick two or three frames that complement each other.

Similarly, art in contrasting styles to your design can give your home additional definition and interest.

wall art in bedroom

Extra Wall Art Tips 

  • Centre Them around Furniture: Wall art must hang on the middle portion of a bed frame, table, or other furnishing and at the sides below a ceiling ornament for balance. 
  • Space Properly: Vertically-hung wall art must have 2–3 inches of space when hung together. Horizontally-hung wall art must have twice as much — or more — depending on its location with other furniture.



The corners of your house aren’t just borders for your property. They’re spaces to hang beautiful wall art and elevate your interior design. Remember this article, and your wall art will catch your visitors’ eyes the next time they drop by!

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