The Best Wall Art for Autumn

Autumn is here, and in the design world the general consensus is that walls should be filled with colour and character rather than left bare in 2021. Whether you like to mix up the art in your home to match the season or are taking the plunge and wanting to make choices that will last a lifetime—try some of our recommendations on the best wall art trends to try that will reinvigorate your home and create a memorable environment for your guests.

Monochrome portraits

Classic and stylish—black and white artworks are predicted to be hugely popular this autumn. Mainly due to many homes around the world (particularly those located in more tropical climates) embracing the mid-century modern home design theme. The mid-century modern home design theme is all about balance and encapsulating clean lines.

Print: Palm Leaves II Artist: Anne-Maree Wise


Choose black, white or natural frames for your monochrome art to keep them cohesive with your existing home design. Black and white prints are ideal when creating gallery walls as you can team these with black and white still life pieces or landscape paintings/photography too. If you’re making a gallery wall—be sure to keep it all monochrome as this will cast colour aside to focus primarily on the visual power of black and white.







Print: X-Ray 1  Artist: Alex Buckingham     Print: Byron Bay Lighthouse  Artist: M Tribe



Tropical and botanical prints

Combining tropical and botanical prints with live indoor plants can create a refreshing and
tranquil feel in your home this autumn. Botanical prints of tropical plants, oversized leaves, ferns or palms are a safe choice that will not only look fabulous in your home for autumn—but all year round too.

Print: Bedarra  Artist: Anne-Maree Wise


Print: Aurelio 2                                                                                Painting: Singing for Summer


Fine art

Fine art is created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes. Beautiful fine art can be defined by its visual appeal and how it evokes emotion and meaning in the viewer. Often fine art is sold in the form of a painting or illustration and are known conversation starters, which are perfect for dining or living rooms within your home.


Print: Others   Artist:  Loui Jover


Hanging fine art in your home this autumn will allow you to embrace a romantic and vintage feel. Fine art can be showcased effectively just about anywhere within your home—even “forgotten space” such as the hallway, breakfast nook or staircase. Consider incorporating cultural or indigenous artwork that is relevant to your heritage and utilising vintage frames to create high impact gallery walls within your home.


Painting: Left – Their Story                                                  Right – Siouxie



Although spring is known as the season of flowers, there are many flowers that directly
represent the autumn months too. Many species of plants and flowers possess those rich,
golden, fiery, earthy autumn tones in a medium-darker, warm temperature colour palette. The simplest way to effectively incorporate autumn florals into your home is through wall art. Hanging florals on the wall in the autumn colour palette helps create a relaxing yet inviting space within the home.

Painting: Garden of Love   Artist: Lanette Rose


Opt for a bold graphic print, or a more delicate watercolour framed print. Florals look delightful in any autumn inspired home and are available in a large array of colour variations and styles that will work cohesively with most home design themes.


Print: Fiore Blu 1                                                                             Print: Hibiscus  Artist: Anne-Maree Wise



Hanging abstract artwork is one of the fastest ways to bring colour and personality into your home. Due to how subjective this art form is, it’s one trend that won’t date. Curating abstract art in your home can seem intimidating—but our advice is to keep it simple and choose art that speaks to you. There doesn’t have to be a defining reason behind your choice in abstract art, it’s more determined by the feeling that piece evokes in you. Abstract art can be mixed and matched with other pieces that possess completely conflicting colour palettes or they can also be tonal to the adjacent pieces. With abstract art, you have the freedom to choose what resonates best with your own style. Remember it’s virtually impossible to get abstract art wrong.

Print: Mystic Falls  Artist: Michelle Tracey


Painting: Tone and Volume                                                            Painting: This One Time  Artist: Lenni Moe Webber



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