Since beginning our online reach into the world of commercial and retail artworks in January this year, we have once again returned to our foundations of customized art and special commissions. It is very much the core of our business (just as it was a decade ago) and best represents the brand ethos.

We are a paint on demand service, meaning you choose a design, you choose a size and we make it to order. It’s simple, it’s affordable and we’re quick.

As you can see here, the workshop and gallerywe are a dedicated workshop for this purpose where the frames are built and the canvasses are stretched in house. This allows us to check and finish each piece and every work, every time. We also employ a full time artist to adjust and/or enhance any work so that it is just right and is what you expect.

We are also happy to display our art to the public in our own gallery within our Melbourne facility, and there are not many online vendors that can offer all of this. We do so, and with confidence.

We like to think we are unique in that sense, and that we do provide extraordinary service and value for money.

Our designs are sourced from a wide and diverse pool of international artists that subscribe to UA as partners by offering exclusive and original artworks, sketches and designs in return for a fee or commission. Our focus is not on the artist by name, but on the designs and concepts that we can convey effectively to our target audience that demands value and quality in a hand painted format.

Once your selection is made and the specifications are defined, your commissioned artwork is sent to a dedicated team of artists that are licensed by UA to hand craft each piece on an order by order basis.

Our design team carefully selects and curates the collections that are best summarized on our website and as you will know by now, the collections change on a week by week basis. This also distinguishes us from many online and retail art vendors in Australia particularly. Our aim is to appeal to the design conscious and for that reason, we must constantly add, change, revise and develop new designs that translate beautifully into canvas artworks that are always on trend.

And we do all this with an exceptionally fast turnaround of just 21 days, ready to hang, and delivered to your door.



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