Feature Artist Q&A: Paul Fleetham

This month’s feature artist is Paul Fleetham – one of our newest contributing artists on United Interiors – particularly for our Art-Luxe brand. Based in Western Australia, Paul is a well respected digitally based fine artist with many years of experience in graphic design, fine arts, printmaking and photography. He has won several art awards, and has works in private and corporate collections.

paul fleetham self portrait

We took out 5 minutes with Paul to learn more about his work…

paul fleetham united interiors graphic artist mt metric

UI: When did you start practising?
Paul: Seriously in the mid 80’s when I did evening classes in printmaking with WA artist Brian McKay

UI: Have you always wanted to be an artist? How did you get started? 
Paul: I was always creative, but was more contemplating architecture after high school. But after Year 10, my folks decided to change countries and it threw my study plans. When we returned my academic level didn’t allow for architecture, but I had an art folio good enough to get into Graphic Design. Fine Arts followed on from there.

paul fleetham united interiors graphic artist

UI: If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
Paul: An architect most likely.

UI: What is your main source of inspiration?
Paul: Inspiration is an internal thing, I just have the desire to create!

paul fleetham united interiors graphic artist

UI: Does your work consider a particular thought process?
Paul: Very little thinking going on, but a lot of ‘going with the flow’. Art has a wonderful way of whispering what it needs, I just try to listen and go along for the ride.

UI: Most inspiring quote you live by:
Paul: Because no one told him otherwise, Smithers contentedly flew his house brick indoors.

UI: Favourite set of colours:
Paul: I think I like the play of colour against grey.

paul fleetham united interiors graphic artist perfect pair

UI: Spirit animal:
Paul: A small white fire tiger…..think similar to Kimba the White Lion.

UI: What is your favourite piece in the United Interiors gallery?
Paul: That’s such a hard question! If it’s my own art, then possibly the 3D pair; T3D L and T3D R because it pushes boundaries a little, not only do you get a 3D effect, but the colour mix becomes metallic in the process of viewing. Probably what the Pointillists had in mind!

paul fleetham united interiors print

View more of Paul Fleetham’s work here


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