Our Top 10 Interior Style Blogs

It is very rare that people will choose their artwork before deciding on what style they gravitate towards, and how it influences the way they decorate their homes. There’s so many beautiful blogs that can help our stylish customers before they come to us searching for art to complete their design spaces.

This post is a shout out to our Top 10 Blogs that help our customers (and us) keep updated with the latest interior design trends and simply beautiful design spaces!

So in no particular order…

1. The Stylist Splash

the stylist splash

The Stylist Splash the perfect lifestyle blog. Creator, Yvette, is a mother of 3 who has some seriously fantastic content regarding everything from her personal home projects to the most perfect vignettes you will ever see. Oh and it also has an online store! Score!

2. Katrina Chamberskatrina chambers

Katrina Chambers is a former The Block contestant, however her love for interior design and décor was well and truly blooming before her time on the show. Katrina’s blog focuses on all things design, home improvement, DIY, interior design and interior styling.

3. The Design Villa
The Design Villa

The Design Villa is paradise in the form of a blog. Creator, Louise Roche, uses her many talents to evoke feelings of summer, joy and tranquillity. The Design Villa is focused on helping its viewership create their very own paradise within their home, assists them doing so through blog posts that accompany stunning images, styled and photographed by Louise herself.

4. The Design Chaser


If there was any blog there that could be considered the Holy Grail for Scandinavian Design, The Design Chaser is it. The Design Chaser was founded in 2012 by interior stylist and writer Michelle Halford, and since then has grown into a globally recognised interior design blog. Michelle’s designs are inspiring thousands to adopt the minimalistic characteristics of Scandinavian design.

5. The Interiors Addict

interiors addict

Jen Bishop’s site, The Interiors Addict is the interior design bible! Jen is a former journalist, turned interior design blogging goddess who creates insightful, informed and incredibly useful articles on all of the “how to’s” in current interior design trends.

6. Adore Home Magazine


Adore was founded and created by the one and only Loni Parker, who also is the creative mind behind Adore Home Magazine, Australia’s first online only lifestyle magazine. Loni uses her expertise in all things design to provide her viewership with updates on current trends in interior design through her own use of these trends in her home. Her talents for story telling get us all motivated to start decorating.

7. Dot + Pop


Dot & Pop is a blog that discusses interior design for all areas of the home, children’s rooms, renovations and DIY, architecture, art and also regularly posts interviews with industry experts. Dot & Pop is the brain child of celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist, Eve Gunson. The blog was originally started up as an inspirational blog, but has now broadened its niche to sell the products that feature in posts, which has further increased Dot & Pop’s success.

8. Rebecca Judd Loves

Rebecca Judd Loves

Rebecca Judd Loves, as the name suggests, is a blog all about what the stylish Rebecca Judd loves, and it seems this woman can do no wrong! Between her sharing her personal stories from home life, being a parent and various other elements of her life, she also shares some of the most insightful posts on interior design and personal style. We are very guilty of tuning into every episode of The Style School…

9. Style Curator
Style Currator

Style Curator is a blog seeking to help its viewers find the secrets to a stylish home. Gina started the blog to share her thoughts on interiors and decor and since then Style Curator has become a hub for interior design, styling, home improvement, and most importantly tips from experts.

10. The Life CreativeTHE LIFE CREATIVE

The Life Creative is one of the only interior design blogs around that is written by a male, which has given way to Chris Carroll to become the creative genius behind an interior design online hub for the younger generation who are just starting out. Chris states, “The blog is aspirational but always attainable”, which sits very well with his constantly growing followers.

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