thumbWe were interviewed by John Eussen of ‘Eussen Living’ at the ‘Grand Designs’ event in Melbourne recently and we had an open and frank discussion about new concepts and trends in art, and also of the role colour has to play.

We also discussed the growing trend toward our fully customizable ‘paint on demand’ service and how strong the shift away from common Print services has fuelled our growth in this category.

Naturally, in order to achieve this success, we needed to be right ‘on point’ with both design and colour and equally as important, deliver quick turnaround with exceptional value for money.20131027_130814

Seen here, Jeremy of UA (with beard!) explains that part of this success lies in our ability to deliver a tailored product for both designers and clients that need an interior design solution as well as a piece of ‘art’. Our extensive experience in Furniture and Textiles has also given us great insight into colour trends of the moment and for the coming season.

On other trends discussed, the need go to a larger format in making an impact or statement has seen our offer move into this realm where most purchases online or direct call for larger canvasses. Coupled with this trend has been the need to fulfill the ‘less is more’ philosophy whereby clients are seeking to hang fewer pieces, preferring to opt for few or even a single piece, in a large format, with minimalist design cues.

Colour then remains in focus as the core theme, and remains the cornerstone of our creations.


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