New Art Series: “Perfect Pairs”

We are often asked by clients to assist them in choosing complementary art pieces to match their artwork. After all, good things come in pairs, two is better than one, twice is nice… we know, we know! It can be a tricky process to find the perfect match.

We’ve done our homework, and done the hard work for you by curating 25 new ‘Perfect Pairs’ that include two artworks that complement each other in any space.

Introducing our new art line…

Perfect Pairs

a dream wonderland journey through art series twin sets
‘A Dream Wonderland / Journey Through’

riverside solemnity twin sets perfect pairs united artworks
‘Riverside / Solemnity’

“Perfect Pairs” are our new twin set pieces that are the perfect way to create symmetry and synergy in any interiors space.

The combination of two artworks that contain a harmonising element, and mirror and complement one another means that “Perfect Pairs” is a new and unique interpretation of diptych art.

ARCO BALENO / STUCCATO twin sets perfect pairs art
‘Arco Baleno / Stuccato’

DIGNIFIED AMONG US / THE HUNGER perfect pairs art sets‘Dignified Among Us / The Hunger’

Drawing on the visual balance of complementary hand paintings side by side, make a striking wall art statement with a perfect pair of your choice.

moon over water to the start perfect pairs

‘Moon Over Water / To The Star’

breathtaking dare perfect pairs united artworks

‘Breathtaking / Dare’


Style two artworks side by side, parallel, off-kilter, one above the other, staggered or in different rooms! There are no rules with ‘Perfect Pairs’, it’s all about having fun with your art.

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