We introduced our 7 picks from our new prints collection and just couldn’t wait to show you more!

This new collection of print works has a focus on contemporary graphic print and pattern, with striking bold colours and incredible texture and detail. It is simply visual eye candy for any room and space.

All artworks are available in canvas prints, square framed prints and round framed prints.

holding patterns united artworks new print collection canvas art work
Holding Patterns: dreamy, cloudy and light. This beautiful abstract print in beautiful pastel tones is perfect to soften a space. united artworks dream picture canvas print
Elevation: it is like a beautiful afternoon sky. The movement in this graphic print is stunning, and can compliment any living space. dimension united artworks new print collection canvas art chic

Fourth Dimension: This print is simply electrifying. The ripples create a sense of movement and energy and the warm berry tones compliments this perfectly. press united artworks dream picture print artwork new collection
Flow Press: This strikingly bold graphic piece is perfectly balanced with the bright and pastel tones. We could stare at it for ages! Perfect for creating a vibrant energy. united artworks print artwork new collection rainbow colour art
Evolution: the strong textures in colourful  rainbow hues has been digitally printed onto canvas or paper (you would never guess that it’s not a painting!). This is the perfect way to add some life into a room and tie it back with any colour in the spectrum! united artwork new print collection dream blue
Careless: adding a soft touch, this textural print is reminiscent of features or flakes. The beautifully calming cool tones is perfect to create a relaxing environment.

wind and fire united artworks rainbow print
Wind and Fire: we love the vibrant energy in this graphic print – the smokey ripples flow through all the colours of the rainbow!

Keep an eye out for Part 3 of this new collection, coming soon!

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