How to Hang Artwork in Your Home

Coming across an art piece which you love so much that you want to hang proudly in your home is very exciting. If you have no experience hanging artwork, but want to get your live-in art gallery up and running, we’ve put together a useful guide to get you started safely hanging your art pieces and making them look perfect in your home.

It might seem like there’s a lot to think about: Where to hang it? How to manage its relationship with other objects? How do you get it safely onto the wall and get your frame to stay in place?


When picking an art piece for a particular room, there are no rules. Think of yourself as an artist creating meaning from a mixture of your chosen art piece and the objects and images which are already in place in your home.

If you really need some inspiration, or want to buy a gift for someone, then we recommend matching the theme of the artwork to the purpose of the room. The canvas “Ice Chanel 2″ is a statement-making piece of pop art which would look great in a bedroom or walk-in closet.

If you are a musician or work in another creative field, how about hanging an abstract like “Cord en Colour” to inspire you while you work. If you have a bathroom which is well ventilated, we recommend getting a piece with shimmering blue and green tones framed in glass frame where you can see it from your bath or your shower.

If you are nervous about putting precious oil and acrylic painting in the damp room, try using black and white photography (of which you can always have more prints made.)


Now on to business , hanging your artwork. Weigh your piece using a luggage scale. You will then know exactly the weight of the artwork that you are trying to hang. Measure the dimensions and make a mockup so that you can move it around while you are trying to decide where to fix it.

Use a spirit level and a ruler to mark on the wall in pencil or chalk where you think you might like to hang it. If you can, get someone to hold the original artwork at in place so you can see how it looks. The best way to hang is to use a D ring on the back and use one or two nails depending on the weight of the artwork.

Don’t use dry wall nails in a wooden wall, or vice versa. As a cheap option you can use disposable hooks for lighter art prints and posters, these are available from any stationery store.

The most common industry standard is to hang your art pieces at eye level. This is an average of 60 or 57 cm off the ground. Divide the height of your art piece by two to find the centre line and place this point at the average “eye level”. This isn’t a rule that is set in stone, and sometimes you might want to measure by other rules.

For example, you might want to place your art piece relative to a piece of furniture, or in a cluster of other work. Experimenting with marking on your wall with pencil and ruler is the key to a successful hang. Good luck creating your gallery!

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