How To Find The Right Art Piece To Hang On Your Blank Wall


Want to add life to your blank wall at home? Suppose you have the same empty area in your room and feel it is not right. Sometimes, adding some art to that wall can make a difference. A blank wall often appears like a blank canvas to homeowners, allowing them to create art according to their style.

With the many art pieces available for purchase in Australia, however, how would one know what to invest in? Let this guide help you figure out the answer.

art on wall with common theme

Find Pieces That Share a Common Theme with the Home

People have specific ideas or themes that they prefer to explore, whether with their clothes, shoes, or accessories, and it is the same when it comes to art.

Most art pieces are made to complement the style of the house. It may be for the decoration, for the author’s country, or to explore the artist’s style and techniques. For example, a modern art piece will be different from a classic one, so buying art pieces from one theme or concept is perfect.

Another way to choose a theme is through colours. For example, you can purchase canvas art with unique colours to help the wall stand out.

canvas art print on wall in lounge room

Choose the Art That Speaks You

When you look for art for your living space, make sure it is not just about the objective concept or style. Also consider art pieces that speak to your personality, match your interests, and sync with your lifestyle.

For example, if you would like to create art through your own hands, you can look for art workshops and classes from local artists. If you love to travel, you can buy postcards from your favourite places. If you are a dog person, you can purchase a painting that reminds you of your pet.

You can also purchase canvas art to hang in your restaurant, office, or home, depending on
your chosen theme.

wall art the matches the room

Consider the Use of the Room

Aside from the art style, the intended use of the room is also important. For example, an art piece that would fit a child’s room is a piece of art that is cartoonish, cute, and bright in colour. In comparison, an art piece that would go well in a living room is elegant and simple and not too attention-grabbing.

colourful wall art

Don’t Be Afraid of Colours

Don’t be afraid to buy an art piece with a bit of colour. That will help your home look livelier and more vibrant.

The colour is not just the aesthetic component of a piece of art. It is also a representation of the artist’s emotions. So, when you are on the lookout for the right art pieces for your walls, don’t be afraid to choose one with bright and bold hues. It may not be as easy to match your design, but it will make your living space more lively and dynamic if that is your goal.

playful wall art in kids room

Be Playful

Don’t forget that you are decorating your home and not an art gallery. The art you will choose should not be too serious or only connected to your feelings. If you have a funny and witty side that you want to show to the world, then you can consider buying a canvas art that is a little quirky and fun. It is also up to your personality and style if you want to add humour to your home.


Australia is home to a handful of talented artists who produce quality artwork. Their art pieces are like investments. Each piece is unique and has its own story. Start slowly and be patient to build your collection that you can be proud of. It is also essential to keep in mind that artwork should not be limited to one room. You can place them anywhere you feel like.

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