How to choose art for your home


 Expert advice for finding that perfect piece!

Artwork can completely transform a space. Whether it’s an understated image that complements the décor in, or a bold, statement piece that serves as a conversation starter, the right artwork really makes a room. We spoke to United Artworks Director, Tony Romano, to find out his top tips for choosing artwork for the home.

Why decorate with art?

Artworks are one of the more expensive ways to decorate, but when chosen right, they can be forever pieces. As Tony explains: “Artwork immediately draws the eye in any space, especially when it complements furnishings and other elements in terms of colour and texture. For this reason, an artwork is an integral part of interior decorating.”

Choosing the right piece

You can add art to any room of the house. We asked Tony which types of art pieces are best for the three main areas of the home, and this is what he said:

Lounge room

  • Statement pieces
  • Larger artworks
  • Bold colours and texture
  • Reflects owner’s personality and style cues


  • Smaller proportions
  • Glass-framed prints are ideal
  • Minimal colours
  • Subdued palette


  • This space demands more comforting and warming tones
  • Personal tastes come into play
  • Landscape formats for above the headboard

Tony’s tips

There are a number of factors to consider before purchasing art for your home. Tony says to consider the following:

  • Colours that will enhance the design scheme
  • Pieces that will suit the style of architecture in the home
  • Style cues from the primary decorator

Tony recommends creating a mood board that includes colours, textures and materials that are prevalent throughout your home. That way, you can look at an artwork in the context of the design of your entire home and find pieces that “have a direct relationship with all the spaces in your home without trying to look like a perfect match”. Custom pieces can be a great idea in this case.

United Artworks have a huge variety of paintings, canvas prints, framed prints and wall art that can be custom-made and shipped to your home. They also have a design team that can help to bring your vision to life.


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