Go Greenery: Decorate with Pantone’s Colour of 2017

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We’ve spent the entire 2016 obsessing over Pantone’s twin colours Rose Quartz and Serenity, but now it is finally time to move on and find a new love interest. Luckily, Pantone has, yet again, made our search easier by presenting us with Greenery, the colour of the year 2017. This “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade” reminds us of the first days of spring when nature’s greens become alive and lush again. Invigorating and refreshing by its nature, Greenery calls for optimism we all so badly need in the year ahead, and there is no better place to start introducing it than our homes. Here is everything you should know about decorating with Pantone’s colour of the year.

Greenery Just Wants to Fit it in 

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Greenery is that weird (yet very creative and smart) kid that just wants to fit in with all its other “normal” peers. Since its uniqueness is visible from far away, that work is hard, but not impossible. All it needs to do is to find the right friends and be a bit quieter. When translating this to colours, it means choosing the right colour palette and introducing Greenery in accents.

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According to Pantone’s think tank, the colour of the year goes well with pastels (including last year’s twin colours), earthy, neutral, deep and bright colours, so you won’t have too many problems fitting it in. Just remember not to use Greenery as a prevailing colour, since it’s so striking that it would overwhelm the entire room.

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“Fitting in” doesn’t necessarily mean disappearing, and a colour such as Greenery has the leading role even when used in accents. This means that you don’t have to overhaul the entire interior design of your home to adapt it to this trend. It is enough to include one, two or several statement pieces that will draw all the attention. That can be a sofa in the living room, a wardrobe in the bedroom, an appliance in the kitchen, a canvas in the hallway, a shelf in the bathroom, etc. You can also use artwork and wallpaper to add a touch of this lively shade to your home.

Greenery Belongs to Nature

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Greenery is early spring, it is fresh grass bathed by the morning dew, forest leaves shaking on the wind… It is, as professionals from Pantone called it, “nature’s neutral”, which means it looks the best when combined with natural elements, such as wood and stone.

Image 6 source: planete-deco.fr

This makes thoughtfully designed, nature-inspired and beautiful Scandinavian furniture a perfect fit for Greenery-themed décor. Other things that would go well with this fresh shade are a natural stone countertop in the kitchen and a stacked stone fireplace.

Image 7 source: nonagon.style

One of the biggest interior design trends for 2017 is escapism in the form of returning to nature without leaving your home. This trend includes designing cozy nature-loving nooks or even devoting an entire room to relaxing and finding inner peace. Guess which colour would fit into this story perfectly? You’re right! Greenery! It can be used for accent walls, statement furniture pieces (love seats, rocking chairs, etc.) or accessories (e.g. flower pots).

Image 8 source: arearughomedecor.com 

Want to green up your home, but you can’t think of a great idea to do it? Well, why not go back to some true decorating values? Introduce plant life (bright green plants are a priority). Arrange potted plant throughout the house (yes, in the bathroom, too), and you will get not only a new design twist, but also air purifying “devices” that will keep the air healthy and keep your spirits high. Vases are also a nice addition, but ditch the fresh flowers and replace them with leaves (e.g. ferns, rhododendron and eucalyptus leaves).

Image 9 source: planete-deco.fr

When you think about it, Greenery was the most obvious choice for the colour of the year: it replenishes us with optimism when we need it the most and it accompanies the growing tendency of making interior design closer to nature. So, if you want to fill up your home with reassurance, optimism and nature, try out some of these tips.

Guest blog post written by Chloe Taylor.

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