Forest Greens: Launching fresh new product & why we love it!

There’s a reason why greens are trending, not only was ‘Greenery’ the Pantone colour of the year for 2017, as Australians we love the outdoors and the vibrancy that nature brings to our lives.

With the end of winter near we are more than ready for spring to poke it’s beautiful head out of the clouds. This is why it’s the perfect time to bring the outdoors in and add in those green highlights throughout your house. Here’s our new range for inspiration.

Our love for open plan living means it’s fantastic to have greenery throughout the house as this creates flow and synergy between outdoor and indoor spaces. In this lounge room space we have used our Absolution canvas print as a hero piece which we have tied in with some beautiful planters and sitting chairs. We have used neutral cushions and printed cushions from our art series range.

Landscapes and greens also create a calm space in areas where there are other focuses. In this dining room set-up above we have used our Milonga Verde canvas print in harmony with the natural materials used on our beautiful dining table and chairs.

Mix and Match with this selection of nature inspired cushions.

Cushions left to right: Top – La Sento, Aloe Extraction, Midnight Tropic, Paradiso Fern.                                                Bottom – Avarice, Giardino, Agave, Leafy Glow.

To view all of our products in the ‘Forest Greens’ collections click below for canvas prints or framed prints.


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