Female artists to celebrate on International Women’s Day

What better time to celebrate United Interior’s female artists than during International Women’s Day! Below are three of our inspiring female artists.


Juliet Charlie’s vibrant non-objective acrylic paintings on canvas are created to express fleeting emotions and a sense of wanderlust for places yet unexplored. These themes come to life through visual form and harmonious colour relationships, along with wild splatters of paint and saturated scrawls of oil pastels.

Originally from Tokyo, Japan; Julie now lives and works from Oklahoma City in the USA.

Feature artwork: The Blue Brass


Deb McNaughton is a Melbourne based artist and lover of all things colourful. Her bright and bubbly personality is reflected in the contemporary artwork she creates.

Working with acrylic, ink, watercolour, collage and digital art, Deb’s style is described as spontaneous and diverse. Her creativity is not restricted by convention and is, instead, freed into unique, one-of-a-kind statement pieces, home decor and wearable art. Inspired by bright colour combinations, fashion trends and pattern, Deb’s work is sure to catch your attention.

Deb’s adventurous personality has seen her go from strength to strength. Living by the quote ‘A life without risk is a life half lived’, she has pushed the boundaries of creativity and formed some great partnerships nationally and internationally.

Featured artwork: Beautiful Day & Flowers Feed the Soul


Lily Nova is an outstanding and award-winning artist, she has been drawing and painting from her early childhood. Her artistic impression is unique, and she beautifully reveals what she sees in her paintings while using a rich palette of colour.​

Lily completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the former Soviet Union. She immigrated with her family to Australia from Russia in 2009 after living in London for some time.

Since living in Australia, she has gained a whole new appreciation for beauty of nature which she captures in her works. As she paints daily, she views it as an adventure and also a blessing.

Featured artwork: GRACE 2

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