Designer Q&A: James Treble

We’re excited to showcase designer James Treble’s new art collaboration with United Interiors. We’ve taken 10 minutes with him to find out the inspiration behind the collection.

UI: How would you describe the collection and what was your inspiration?
James: We have always tried to find a point of difference in whatever we have created so far in collaboration with United Interiors from finding uniquely recycled materials in our rug collections to what I now call a distinctly urban flavoured collection of artworks that crosses over and becomes enmeshed with other genres like Tribal and Coastal themes that represent organic and natural elements. And juxtaposed with that, is also a contemporary, industrial and architectural theme that runs parallel and is therefore a truly unique collection and a forward thinking one, we hope!

UI: What colour combinations are you drawn to at the moment?
James: As we transition into a new season we find our colour palettes do become a little more subdued yet sophisticated at the same time. And that’s warming! We are finding that stronger contrasts to the usual greys and gr-eige are now finding an audience too, like deep indigo and deep emerald and dark steely blues.

UI: It’s getting chilly. Does art have the power to make our homes cosier
James: Art is powerful indeed, and really does set the mood for any space. Whilst we could warm up a space with the use of warmer colours, we still find the cooler tones are even more prevalent in the cooler seasons as this reflects the colour trends for interior design that usually dictate the overall colour scheme. We find that soft furnishings are best used in this regard, i.e. to warm up a space by using textural and organic material in either a throw, rug or a cushion in combination with the art. This seems to work best when all the elements are in balance.

UI: What other décor changes should we be making this season?
James: The trend away from Scandi seems to be a common note but we still find that there are elements of minimalism that are still in high demand. The trend toward recycled, distressed, organic and natural is ever so popular in furniture and furnishings right now that it demands a specific art collection to best fit that trend. We think this new art collection works well and ties in best with these upcoming elements that are coming on trend.

UI: Are there any trends you’re particularly excited to be experimenting with in the coming months?
James: As already mentioned, the move away from Scandi minimalism represents a challenge for artists and designers that must look more toward the subject matter rather than just colour palette. For a while now, the art market has been dominated by abstract collections with a focus upon minimalism and simple colour combinations to go with the popular Scandi and mid-century interior theme. Right now, we are working on our art collections, just as this latest release shows, to represent more realism through photography and using digital creativity to make more unique pieces in various print forms.  This collection therefore represents a new direction.

UI: What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to choose a piece of art?
James: Log onto United Interiors. They have long been leading the charge with the latest artworks from artists and graphic designers from all over the world. They have an experienced team of design professionals and collaborators, just like myself, that makes your choice so much easier.

UI: What’s the most common mistake people make when choosing art?James: It’s usually the size that people get wrong, and then the placement. It’s a great idea to use masking tape to simulate before you buy. If you still can’t visualize it, the guys at United Interiors can do the work for you, and even create the art you need in the space.

UI: Finish this sentence: In autumn, I can’t live without….
James: My new gallery wall of favourites from this exciting new collection…

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