When it comes to art analysis, most of us find ourselves confused. While it might be a pleasure to visit some art gallery and gaze at art for as long as you want, things become even better when you gain the ability to appreciate the art as well. The first place where you might have been introduced to the world of paintings is perhaps your high school. At that time, art would have been a bit difficult to interpret. The task of art analysis, however, isn’t as hard as it sounds and once you begin to understand it, it gets all the easier. Here are a few steps to analyse art like a pro-

Keen Observation

The first step towards analysing art is to establish what you see. Therefore, the first question that you must ask yourself is- what am I looking at? Keeping an open mind helps address what you observe. Once you master the art of keen observation, you would be able to decipher almost everything. It doesn’t just end there. Very soon you would be able to find out the missing details and elements as well such as colours, shapes, lines, etc. The observations made initially often become the roots to the rest of the analysis.

Examine the Artist’s Methods, Techniques, and Materials

The next thing you must prepare yourself for is deciphering the materials, techniques, and methods that can prove useful. Although the description of the artwork does contain details, further inspection might be required in some cases. Looking closely at the work shall help you establish a detailed outline. Works of Beata Molicka offer an ideal platform to practice examining techniques. This also helps in setting up a starting point to further analyse the artwork.

Consider the Feel

You would always feel something when looking at a particular artwork. These feelings play a vital role in the success of the interpretation. Since it’s the onlookers that form the audience of the artwork, how they feel truly determine its meaning. Therefore, you must always rely on what you feel as it has a symbolic significance. Colour and the space of work are two important components that help set up the mood and feel of a work. Colour in particular helps determine the feel of the art. Often mood and the related emotion help in setting up the ideas and themes of any artwork.

Question Yourself

Whatever you do before this step is mere observation. It is what you do after those steps help find out where your understanding lies. Asking yourself a question and answering it the best you can is one of the best methods in this regard. You must begin with questions that are most obvious. If a painting has a picture of a female that lacks a face, you need to contemplate deeper, the reason behind it. No matter where that “why” might lead you, there is always some beauty to it. Once you are well aware of the analysis, you would even be considering things such as symbolism, context, metaphor, and genre. It is also important to predict the artist’s intent

Remember, it is only with practice that you can gain confidence. Whether you buy art online in Australia or elsewhere, keeping these things in mind. It will definitely make you understand beauty of art.


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