Avoid These Wall Art-Damaging Mistakes with These Solutions


Have you been eyeing a piece of wall art for some time, and now you’ve finally got one that you’re ready to nail on the wall?

Before getting your hammer and nails, make sure you’re doing everything to care for your new acquisition. Badly-maintained art can compromise the longevity of a piece and lead to expensive restoration down the line.

Avoid these common pitfalls, and you’ll pass on to future generations a piece that will be appreciated for generations.

Environmental Risks

Wall art is vulnerable to harsh environments, and the fibres and pigments that make up a piece are particularly susceptible to changes over time.

Always use two nails when hanging wall art. If it’s pretty heavy, be sure that the wall you’re hanging it on can support the weight.

Also, avoid hanging pieces near exterior doors or drafts, especially if they involve air
conditioning or heating systems.

Never install a wall art piece in your bathroom if there is a shower, especially if there is a
ventilation system. The moisture from the showers will damage the art. Also, be wary of cleaning supplies; your bathroom is a good place for harsh cleaners, which might damage
paintings or other pieces of art above the toilet or sink.

Haphazard Framing

Framing wall art can be simple, but it is a nuanced process. Several components beneath the frame of a piece of art can enhance its presentation and worth. Talk to any fine art archivist, and they’ll give you plenty of cautionary tales of framing-gone-wrong, mangled paintings, and expensive repairs.

Don’t think the worst is over once you’ve purchased wall art that’s already framed. Hedge your bets by getting the work inspected by a professional framer. This ensures if or no corners may have been cut before the piece reached your collection.

To prevent expensive mishaps, framing thoroughly protects a piece and ensures that the
framing is reversible. If a work of art is affixed to a framing part that makes it difficult to remove without incurring damage, you could face a big problem.

If your art has sentimental value, consulting with an expert framer will help you figure out the proper glass reflectivity, mounting options, and other unique requirements.

And even if it is doable, DIY framing for original works of art is not ideal. You need a
professional framer who follows industry standards and best practices to protect your wall art investment. Consult with a frame store in your area; it’s a great way to support a local business.
Plus, they’re often very knowledgeable about art!

Poor Documentation

Fine art collectors often seek out and obtain supporting documents about the history of the artwork. These include invoices, catalogues, certificates, or any other paper or digital record about the piece’s past. To keep track of this information and make it accessible from anywhere, Artwork Archive’s inventory system includes fields for entering and sorting it.

Artwork Archive’s inventory also contains a section for storing private notes about a particular work. Whatever system you use to organise your documentation, it is essential to be thorough and accurate when entering this information into your inventory. Unexplained gaps reduce the value of your artwork and can call its authenticity into question. Re-establishing a wall art’s genuineness can be tedious, expensive, and sometimes fruitless when you’ve lost customers’ trust.

Get Wall Art in Australia Right Now

Do you still remember that one painting you saw when you were young, which inspired you to pursue art? Imagine if that painting had been damaged beyond repair or destroyed. Be proud that you’re helping to protect the legacy of your collection with these tips, not just for yourself but also for future art enthusiasts.

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