Tips for Displaying Canvas Art Without Nails

Hanging art in your home can effortlessly bring life back to your space in today’s fast paced world. Choosing to display art within the home helps people recognise their emotions and allows you to create moods that have the ability to reinvigorate and motivate you throughout your day. Choosing and purchasing your art is an inspiring experience, however, figuring out how to hang your chosen pieces without damaging your walls is the next important part of the process. Traditionally, hanging art in your home involved the use of a hammer and nail which is risky business especially if you’re renting. Thanks to product advances there are now less intrusive options that will allow you to decorate your space with your favourite pieces of artwork, without the added hassle of causing major damage to your walls.

Command Strips.

Command Canvas Hangers are designed to securely hold jumbo canvas art (up to 2.2kgs) without damaging your walls. The process is extremely simple with Command Strips, as all you need to do is place your canvas art on the canvas hanger and you’re done. The small sawtooth ridge on the canvas hanger, grips into the canvas frame or stretcher bar and provides a strong, long-lasting hold. This product removes easily and will not leave any sticky residue on your walls.

Press-in hooks.

There are multiple brands on the market that have press-in hook products which are designed to be inserted into drywall without the need of a hammer or nail. These include Hercules Hooks, Monkey Hooks, Gorilla Hooks and Super Hooks, which are made from a range of materials and are renowned for holding varying weights of artwork. These products will require you to make a small hole in your wall, however, they give you the freedom to hang artwork up to a weight capacity of 68kgs.

Tape or reusable adhesive.

This is a method only suitable for smaller pieces of art which are around 0.5kgs or less. Double-sided tapes or reusable adhesives are a very cost-effective and fast way to hang your lightweight artwork around the home, however, it’s important to be mindful that the sticky tack has the ability to get gummy over time and may require some additional product to clean the surface if you decide to eventually remove your artwork from its chosen spot.

Try hanging artwork from your molding.

Many older style homes or apartments are lucky enough to have rail molding around the top of the walls which is ideal for hanging artwork from. It’s a very inexpensive way to hang artwork as all that’s required are hooks that fit over the rail and framing wire which can be purchased from your local hardware store or online. This is a hanging process that allows the artwork to hover in place and will keep your walls pristine.

Mantels and easels.

Fireplace mantels are the ideal space to put your favourite piece of canvas art as they’re generally in a high traffic area of the home so your art will get maximum viewing time. All you need to do is position your artwork correctly, then lean it back and enjoy. Be mindful if you use your fireplace often as you don’t want excessive heat to damage your valuable artwork. An easel is also a great way to showcase your absolute favourite piece of artwork with grandeur in your home. Using an easel creates an emotive display that replicates an art showroom experience for viewers.

Bookshelves and ladders.

Bookshelves are a great piece of furniture that allow you to display multiple smaller pieces of art at once, without touching your walls. They offer an aesthetically pleasing way to display your artwork and are available with an array of adjustable shelf options that allow for place configuration freedom. Ladders are also a great prop that provide a fantastic multi-level display unit for your artwork within the home. Additionally, ladders have the ability to instantly bring life to underutilised or awkward corners of the home.

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