Tips for Decorating with Canvas Art

One of the best ways to add creative finesse to your space is with canvas art, as it’s stress-free, completely customisable, and easy to hang. Depending on your style preferences, UnitedInteriors has a wide range of sought-after canvas art that is conceptual, abstract, monochromatic, photographic and figurative, just to name a few. Canvas art is also a more affordable way to purchase art, hence its recent increase in popularity within homes and offices around the globe. Here are some of our helpful recommendations to keep in mind when purchasing new art for your chosen space.

Work with your existing space.

When deciding to introduce a new piece into a room, it’s important to choose the canvas art colour configuration based on your existing space – for home, office or studio cohesion. This means you should be mindful of your existing wall colours, furniture colours as well as the texture of the materials within your space to ensure you’re choosing art that will immediately harmonise with your chosen area.

Introducing new colours.

Some like to introduce a new colour palette into their space through the incorporation of canvas art, which we do recommend. However, it’s important that you’re choosing a palette that will complement your existing one. This may mean you choose colours based off those already in your space in either a secondary or tertiary manner with varying shades being totally acceptable.

Consider the functionality of your space.

Analyse the purpose of your space to be guided to art that enhances this space rather than art that takes away from it. Your choice of art may vary dramatically if you’re selecting art for a nursery in comparison to a luxury dining room or billiard room. Think of who will be the main audience for your chosen piece and make decisions consciously.

Theme and colour continuity.

Keep in mind the purpose of the room when choosing colours as your selection should convey your colour motif. This may mean playing with lights, darks, a mixture of colours or a palette that conveys a theme like a rainforest or desert. Be mindful that some colours and stroke styles have different properties that contribute to the psychology and energy of your space. Colours like blue and violet can have calming effects while colours like black and red can be more electrifying.

Customise for your space.

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve fallen in love with a piece of art that is just too small or too large for our chosen space. This is avoidable when purchasing canvas art at United Interiorsdue to our canvas size selection flexibility. You can even add a shadowbox / floating frame to your purchase (in your desired colour natural, black or white) which provides a more finished and ready-to-hang look for your canvas art.

Canvas art quality is long-lasting.

Canvas prints are renowned for holding their quality and have been known to last 100 years or more with minimal fading. This means you won’t need to upgrade often to maintain the vibrancy of your art. When choosing your favourite piece of art, visualise it within your space to ensure it’s the perfect addition prior to making your final decision.

Don’t move with trends.

Canvas art is versatile and can be moved from location to location with ease. If for example you choose a scenic, watercolour or botanical piece for your space, ensure it’s beautiful, vibrant, simple or multifaceted enough for you to utilise in one, three or five years time. This will save you from making costly decisions based on fragile trends.

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