It’s a common perception amongst most that collecting art is for the rich and famous and surplus funds are required for doing the same. The fact is, irrespective of your budget creating your own personal art collection is achievable. Artwork moreover possesses the ability to instantly enliven a space. While there’s no fixed rule as to what type of artwork you must buy, something original always works in your favour. It can add character and aesthetics to space in ways unimaginable. If you really want to build your art collection but don’t know where to begin with, here are a few handy tips to make it possible-

Embrace the New Opportunities

A lot of change has been observed in the art industry in the past decade. Exploring online art studios, art galleries and other art platforms have been made possible by the internet worldwide. Then there are venues run by artists, art galleries hosting numerous exhibitions, art trails and open studios acting as more options to the list. Besides being great for exploring art, such mediums also give you an opportunity to be in touch with artists and understand art better. While art by big artists might seem the best, it may not be something that can be afforded by an average income. Emerging artists, therefore, must be considered. This shall help you build a collection you would be proud of.

Places to Look For and Learn About Art

Whether you are new to the art game or someone who holds good experience, here are a few places to begin with

  • Public and private galleries
  • Online art galleries
  • Cooperatives and studios run by artists
  • Groups, local exhibitions, and solo shows
  • Books and art magazines
  • Museums
  • Art history courses
  • Online Art stores 

How to Buy

Buying art is all about keeping an open mind. It’s also common to develop the taste gradually as your knowledge expands. Two components that form a solid foundation for starting an art collection is to buy what you love and look for pieces that you can afford. When you buy something you love, you would feel proud of your possession. Instead of buying a second hand- piece, it’s also advisable to search for something new which is within your budget range.

Make Good Use of Internet

Most of the artists today have an online portfolio. It’s advisable to explore to have a better understanding of the artist whose work you wish to buy. It will also give you an idea of whether their work aligns with your interest or not. Mid-career artists boast of a solid artistic background and can be an amazing source to find original quality work. Look for something that is truly unique. You can also consider limited art prints in Australia that are signed by the artist.

Take Different Themes into Consideration

It’s common for a person to get drawn to a particular theme. With so many themes available, it’s best to find out the one interests you the most. Canvas art, landscapes, still life, portraits, wildlife, black and white photography and abstract art are some of the popular options to explore. Some people tend to be eclectic and mix many different options when building their art collection.

With these tips in mind, you are all set to begin your art collection journey.

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