Pro Tips for Choosing Art for Different Rooms in Your Home

Choosing the right art for particular rooms within your home can seem like a daunting task​—especially when you’re trying to buy art for multiple rooms simultaneously​. Contrary to popular belief​, ​finding great art can actually be quite a simple and affordable task these days​—​with ​many established and emerging artists producing stunning yet reasonably pricedpieces that may even increase in value as the years go on. When it comes to buying art for an entire home, choosing art for a space like a bathroom requires a different tactic to choosing art for somewhere like the master bedroom. Here are our professional tips to help guide you to your ultimate choice in art for varying rooms within your home.

The bedroom.

The bedroom is a place within the home where you go to retreat and relax after a long day. If you’re looking to welcome art into this room; be sure to choose art that embodies tranquility and promotes a calm environment. Abstract pieces with soothing colours or tones that you can gaze at with ease are recommended for this space. In the bedroom​—keep your arts vessel minimal by choosing a gallery frame or canvas piece so the focus is completely on the art itself. Thebedroom is an area where bigger art pieces are very welcomed—and ideally they are placedabove your bed or on the wall opposite your bed for optimal viewing. Peaceful landscapepieces, abstract floral art, still lifes or desaturated photos may also be highly appealing as a focal point in the bedroom.

The kitchen.

Being a high traffic area within the home​, the kitchen often has less utilisable wall space due to kitchen cabinets and oversized furniture pieces often included in the design plan. In this case, smaller sized or mini artwork is recommended for your kitchen. Strategically place your kitchen artwork in voids between cabinets to help restore balance and promote symmetry in the space. As the kitchen is a very functional space be sure to work with your existing design when choosing art. If your kitchen is inspired by a 50s diner or a farmhouse choose art that coincides with your chosen theme. Monochromatic pieces or colourful abstract pieces work great in ultra-modern, freshly renovated kitchens.

The bathroom.

The bathroom is notorious for being overlooked when it comes to hanging art​—which means your bathroom may be lacking personality. Restore your bathroom’s character by incorporating multi-piece artwork in two or three panels (depending on your available wall space). The cohesion these pieces offer is both interesting for guests and aids in balancing out the space. Whether you’re drawn to photography, modernism, expressionism or abstract art—simply work with the existing colour palette of your bathroom to guide you to your ultimate choice. Be sure to also factor in what the bathroom is most utilised for—if it is a guest’s powder room you have the freedom to be more playful and bold in your choice of art. If you’re wanting to create a relaxing and soft vibe in a master ensuite, opt for a piece that utilises a calming colour palette with a more positive theme.

The living room.

Generally, this is the room that people feel the most pressure to get right—as the living room is often a space which hosts guests and is used for entertaining purposes. The most important part of choosing art for your dining room is factoring in the placement of the art and the configuration of your existing furniture. Go oversized if you can as this is an area where it is preferable to have one focal point rather than a busy arrangement of multiple pieces. Mini artwork sizes are more suited to the kitchen and bathroom whereas large and oversized pieces that foster feelings of enjoyment and relaxation are recommended for a space of this nature. This is the most intimidating room to find art for so be sure to take your time when browsing to find a piece that makes you feel content and invigorated in this space. Take into account your soft furnishings and wall colours; then choose a piece of art with a colour palette that compliments these existing elements.

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