How to Successfully Gift Art

The gift of art is one that is highly versatile and cherished. Whether it be as a holiday gift, for a housewarming, birthday or as a wedding gift—there are a few key areas to understand prior to making your choice to ensure the recipient perfectly aligns with your chosen piece. Here is our ultimate guide to choosing the perfect piece of art for your friend, family member or lover.

Appeal to the recipient’s personal style and taste.

When buying the perfect gift for someone you love, it is important to channel their choice in giftsby looking at pieces of art from their perspective. Understanding someone’s choice in art isactually more simple than you may think. ​Firstly, take note of the items the person you’re buyingfor chooses to surround themself with. Their choice in fashion and homewares often providesinsight into what type of art may appeal to them. Question the style of person they are—do theyhave a love for bright eclectic prints, are they strictly monochromatic and minimal; or do theychannel a retro vibe? Their choice in hobbies will provide an indication of the person’s truepersonality too, which can help guide you to the perfect gift. Are their hobbies and interestsmore on the relaxing side or the creative side? Are they a fast paced person or one that values calmness and solitude? Once you have compiled all this information your search for the perfect piece of art will be far more targeted and simplified.

Don’t forget about practicality.

Prior to making your purchase be sure to factor in the lifestyle and living arrangements of your recipient. A good place to start is whether the person you are buying for is renting or a homeowner. If they are renting or they choose to move around more frequently, ensure your choice is one that is portable or more simply; a piece of art that will fit in their car. You may want to consider which room you are buying the piece of art for and determine if they have adequate wall space for your gift. Be sure your choice of art will work cohesively with their existing home design. Factor in elements within their space such as wall colour, furniture and soft furnishings to ensure you’re making a choice that will seamlessly fit into their already established living or dining room for example.

Familiarise yourself with the artist.

Be sure you understand the artist’s story and can accurately relay this to your recipient upon giving them their wonderful gift. Art is a personal creation of the artist and should not just be seen as a space filler. Art is also a conversation starter, so it’s important that your recipient is able to relay the artist’s story to others in order to spread the work’s message in a respectful manner. Sharing the artist’s story with your recipient allows them the freedom to add to their collection down the track if they wish. Many artists have entire collections that work cohesively together​—so if they wish to expand their horizons and add to their chosen gift this will make it much easier for them to do so.

Still not feeling confident?

If you have been browsing for days and are still completely at a loss​—why not purchase a gift card from United Interiors. United Interiors has a collection of art that is extremely broad with works from an array of award-winning international artists. Whether your loved one is a seasoned art collector or someone who simply appreciates beauty and talent; a United Interiorsvoucher is the ideal gift. Art is not a temporary gift like a bottle of wine—the gift of art is one that will leave a lasting impression.

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