5 Tips for Buying Art for the Office

Completing the interior design of your office with art that encapsulates your company’s mission and personality (all in one)​, is a crucial step in ensuring your space is creative and inspiring for your team. Your choice in art has the ability to increase productivity or scare away clients—so choose wisely by following these five professional tips.

1. Make choices that appeal to the masses.

The office is an area that undoubtedly welcomes many people​—​from team members to after-hours staff. It’s important that when you know many eyes will see your choice in art​, you make a conscious decision to be respectful, inclusive, and generally not too niche. Avoid anything too political or crude. You want art that will appeal to the general public and art that won’t offend anyone. Promoting positive emotions through art in the workplace is more inspiring than art depicting violence or negativity. All art has its place, however, there is a time and a place for certain hardcore themes. When it comes to your office, aim to foster love and inclusivity with your choice in art.

2. Factor in your clientele.

When buying art for your business​ it’s important to view this art from the clients perspective prior to committing to the purchase. For example if you are a creative agency, put your best foot forward by purchasing something modern and progressive byan award-winning artist that your clients would appreciate. If you are buying for an early learning centre, something bright coloured and abstract or a piece that incorporates fantasy or characters that will appeal to children will be a smart choice. Your choice in art should always add to the experience of your clients in an uplifting way.

3. Be memorable.

You must be mindful in your choice of art; but that doesn’t mean you need to be bland. Choose art for your office that is bold and emotive in order to make an impression on anyone that sees it. Don’t purchase generic art that you can find at any major chainstore​—choose art by notable and emerging artists that is engaging and thought-provoking in order to make a lasting impression on potential clients. Your choice of art is also a direct reflection of your style and attention to detail—this could be a make or break for some clients and team members.

4. Invite your team to help you choose.

The best way to inspire your team is to choose art that helps get those creative juices flowing. There’s nothing less inspiring than bare walls​—​so when choosing art it’s important to keep in mind the experience this art will give to your employees. Enjoyment, inspiration and positivity should be paramount emotions that you aim to provoke in your team. As art can be quite a personal preference, you may even like to gather your team together to take a vote on a selection of major art pieces for the office. A stimulating, well thought out workspace that features aesthetically appealing art; is the ultimate way to motivate and excite your valued team members.

5. Choose full coverage.

Offices are notorious for having large open plan spaces and board rooms with expansive empty walls. This gives you the freedom to go big with your choice in wall art. Make a statement in your office with large and bold pieces that bring colour or interesting depth into your space. Whether you want to brighten up your space or create a more moody vibe go big if you can or even choose multiple pieces from the same collection to create creative interest and cohesion in your space.

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