5 Styles of Paintings

Due to the modern advances of the 21st century, painting styles have broadened and grown dramatically in comparison to the late 19th and 20th centuries art offerings. The photography evolution, a shift in social and political perspectives, and the way in which artists depict scenes in their art has expanded over time due to better access to more modernised art supplies and inspirations. The way in which artists use colours and strokes to illustrate thoughts on canvas is more complex than ever before. United Interiors has canvas art to suit the style of all avid art collectors. Our paintings and canvas art pieces are rich in culture, substance and beauty which make for the perfect addition to any classic or modern space.


In the first half of the 19th century, the industrial revolution transformed Europe; this is where the painterly style was first noted in history. This style was born from the invention of the metal paint tube, which allowed artists more creative freedom. This style incorporates the use of realistic subjects, but with an emphasis more on the painting style itself. This means the character of the brushwork and pigments were a feature in themselves. You’ll find with many famous art pieces in the painterly style, it’s easy to determine which tools or stroke techniques were utilised as artists didn’t try to hide the fact, they actually embraced the tool tracks and never tried to smooth or disguise the use of these.


Since the 1900s, abstract art has formed a central stream of modern art based on the notion that art should be created by pure patterns of form, colour, and line. This popular art form is not based around generating an accurate or realistic depiction of a scene or object, but rather is an art which uses varying shapes, forms, colours, and gestural marks to create a visually appealing simplified or schematised painting. At United Interiors, we have abstract paintings and canvas art that incorporates interesting geometric shapes, gestural marks, and varying colour palettes to suit the needs of all art lovers.


This is a form of art that is true to its name. It’s the act of an artist studying a photograph then recreating this as realistically as possible. Photorealism is a relatively modern art form that was inspired by the photographic revolution and came about within the same period as minimalism, pop art, and conceptual art. There is obviously a heavy focus on realism through photorealism; art pieces with common themes of life, industrialism, and technology are prevalent in some of the most renowned photorealism paintings. This form of art rejects the painterly art form qualities where an artist could be individually recognised for their work.


Developed in Paris in the 1860s, impressionism is a form of art that turns away from the fine finish and accuracy in which artists had previously aspired to achieve; and shifted focus to capture the momentary, sensory effect of a scene. The impressionists’ brushwork was not restricted or rigid and they used lightened colour palettes to include pure, intense colours to achieve this effect. With artists often painting on the street or in a countryside rather than in the studio, impressionism incorporated a concentration on the world and how the artist saw it without a focus on heavy symmetry or detail.


This art form often encompasses bold, unrealistic colour palettes to depict life as the artist feels it. This individualised approach aims to create a thought-provoking and emotive piece from the subjective perspective of the artist. You’ll often find the incorporation of exaggerated or distorted elements in expressionism art pieces, which are dependent on the emotional response to such elements from the artist themselves. Often hyper-stylised brushwork and confronting imagery is utilised to get an emotional response. Expressionism provides true introspection to the artist’s mindset and emotional responses to the world, which can be extremely powerful and mood-altering.

United Interiors has an array of striking art pieces in varying styles; drawing from ancient and modern inspirations, which embody bold, lightened, and monochromatic colour palettes to suit the versatile needs of our valued customers.

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