2021 Home Art Design Trends

A home without art is a home that’s unintentionally sacrificing character and personality. Seasoned art lovers, or those new to the multi-layered art world​—will be intrigued by the impressive 2021 United Interiors design trends set to soar in the new year. Interior design within your home allows you to create a functional and stylish room; whereas the incorporation of art into your interior design plan allows you to create a feeling within the room that will strongly resonate with occupants and guests. Whether your style is more expressive, bright, or moody; the 2021 art design trends appeal to all, and may even inspire you to reinvigorate your space with fresh art in the new year.

Minimal luxury.

Vast open spaces, with very few, hand-selected or specialty furniture pieces is a trend that you will see everywhere from studio apartments in the city to cottages in the country in 2021. The key with minimal luxury is dressing your space with art that reflects your desired style or art that works with the existing theme of your chosen furniture. This may be retro, vintage or ultra-modern. Depending on whether you’re keen on colour or more monochromatic pieces, keeping your space minimal allows you to keep the focus on your chosen art. Abstract paintings, or a trio of cohesive canvas art​—​is a great way to enhance the appeal of any area within the home and also a great conversation starter for spaces such as the living or dining room. Choose something complex to add layers to your space such as an abstract acrylic piece rich in colour and personality; or opt for something more subtle like a muted coloured landscape piece. The freedom is yours when you keep it simple with your space. Express your creativity, highlight your passion or change the vibe of your space completely by swapping out your art from season to season​—​with an easy to navigate and minimal home design plan.

Rustic vogue​—​sustainable yet comfortable.

This theme is ideal for the modern home that wants to add character to their space through utilising reclaimed wood furniture, precast concrete slabs, and recycled metal. This home design theme works exceptionally well with homes or apartments with exposed beams or internal brick walls. Increase the comfort levels within your rustic vogue home by incorporating earth tone heavy curtains, cushions, matts, and table linen. Complete this look with still life paintings, black and white portraits, abstract floral art, or animal photography. The rustic vogue home design theme is built on the concept of bringing the natural world indoors. This can be achieved through welcoming art into the space which features landscapes, bodies of water, forests or beaches. Any painting that depicts nature in a raw or abstract form is recommended for this home design theme.

Mid-century modern / retro designs.

The California mid-century modern style has cemented itself in Australia and worldwide as the perfect balance between contemporary coastal living with an emphasis on American glamour. When choosing art for a Palm Springs inspired space choose something in the mid-century modern / retro category. This may be a minimal landscape/sunset painting or high-end photograph or painting of a luxe pool setting surrounded by palm trees which encourages feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Basically, any art that makes guests feel like they’re on vacation is recommended. Think modernism, bold shapes, and any kind of hanging art pieces that put tropical glamour on a pedestal for your mid-century modern inspired space.

A colour pop makes a return.

Design experts suggest in 2021 we should be injecting fun and colour into our homes again. Think playful, not playroom​—​keep it sophisticated with large, vibrant abstract pieces with electric blue, pink, and yellow hues. Abstract landscapes and floral paintings that bleed into one another in a range of bright or more muted conflicting colours are perfect for a room where you want to generate interest and depth for guests.

Pairs and triplets.

Art in two or more panels is ideal for getting maximum coverage on a large bare wall in an area within your home that is heavily utilised. Spaces where people dine or converse requires art that will invite conversation and can be seen well from all areas within the room. Ultra-modern,multi-panel art options are available in a range of colours and designs that will suit any home’s interior design theme. Whether you’re looking for a monochrome feature or something that utilises vivid, eye-catching colours in an abstract or expressionist manner​—​United Interiors specialises in providing customers with a vast selection of multi-panel art options.

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