Artistic Relief: Hanging an Artwork in Your Bathroom


Regardless of our indoor areas, people will always have a preference when it comes to their decorative art. Some choose to hang them in the living room, while others prefer to hang them in their bedroom. The thing is, paintings will always have a place in everyone’s mind, since it often expresses a feeling of luxury and grandeur.

That being said, some people are actually wondering whether or not it is safe to hang their
canvas artwork in the bathroom. Below are some pointers that would clarify this age-old

Is It Safe?

All in all, the answer is either yes or no.

It is strongly advised not to hang your artwork in your bathroom due to the moisture-filled environment that it provides. Unless you want to spend a fortune on a professional art restorer, keeping your decorative art in its rightful place is still the best choice.

Moisture Effect on the Paint

Sticking to the topic of moisture, it is also important to note that it may also cause discolouration to your artwork. Malignant moisture, which is also known as humidity tends to penetrate through the porous back layer of canvas, which then causes the paint to deteriorate. Apart from that, moisture may also condense on your artworks and leave difficult to clean spots.

However, if you still choose to hang your artwork in your bathroom, be sure to use a solid frame and keep them away from the shower area. Large prints should not be hung on the wall since they will create complications in the future.

Most Common Artworks hung in the Bathroom

Aside from large prints, most people often hang their posters, small paintings, and prints on their bathroom walls. Keeping that in mind, if you want to hang your artwork, make sure that it doesn’t exceed 20% of the wall space.

Furthermore, you should not be too particular about your artwork’s placement. After all, it needs to be safe and should be easy to clean when needed. If you have a hard time choosing, you may opt for larger prints, posters and paintings.

How to Protect Your Hanging Canvas Artworks in the Bathroom

Since you now know that hanging your canvas artworks in the bathroom is not a wise idea, you should also be well aware that there are certain things that you should do to protect them. One of the easiest ways to do so is to use a properly sized frame with a UV coating on the glass.

Apart from that, you should also regularly apply a thin coat of varnish. When this is done, the moisture will not be able to penetrate the surface of the canvas, which would prevent it from reeking of mildew.

Which Part of the Bathroom Is It Safest to Place My Canvas Artwork?

If you still insist on placing them in your bathroom, you should place them at a height that is easy to reach. That way, you can easily wipe the moisture off by just touching it with your hand.

It is also best to place them somewhere that is away from the shower area since splashing
water from the shower is a common hazard during bath time.


One thing that we can all agree on is that hanging a canvas artwork in the bathroom is not the best choice. However, regardless of your artistic preference, you should still take proper care of them.

If you still want to proceed with your original plan, be sure to follow all our tips above and place them in the safest sections of your bathroom so that you wouldn’t have to keep hiring a restoration team from time to time.

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