Art buying tips—PLUS Interior wall art trends to suit your home.

Choosing wall art for your home can be a daunting task if you have no experience in interior design. But it doesn’t have to be! Selecting art is an extremely personal journey and finding the right wall art that elevates your home’s interior design can be a process. It’s recommended that you always stay true to your style and choose pieces that embody themes, colours and mediums that you’re drawn too.

Set the tone.

If you’re displaying this art in your space you’re going to want to ensure this chosen collection is a reflection of you—and creates an energy in your space that is invigorating and inspiring. Light and bright colours give off a casual feel, particularly on unframed canvas. Whereas a framed piece with images featuring distinct lines and structure in darker colours will create a formal tone. Incorporating different styles of art within your home can allow you to create the ideal formal or fun environment.

Take your time.

When deciding on new art, whether that be a singular piece or a collection of art—it’s important to give yourself time to think about the piece and how it will work in your existing space. Think about your intended audience and the message that the art is portraying. It’s important when buying art that you don’t impulse buy as you may end up regretting your purchase. View your chosen piece again in an hour’s time or even take a day to sleep on your decision to ensure when you come back to it—you still love it just as much. For seasoned art buyers—often they can establish an immediate connection with their chosen piece and can feel safe to jump into a purchase immediately. If you’re feeling less confident, simply try waiting a while.

Frame it right.

As a general rule, black and white frames are very timeless and won’t go out of fashion anytime soon (if ever). Natural frames look fantastic in white and airy environments or homes with British Colonial theming. Timber frames tend to work well in houses with timber furnishings or floorings in the same timber family. However, a rich mahogany frame will clash with blonde timber floors.


If you’re looking to purchase one or more pieces of artwork for one room or an open plan living area, there should be a ‘hero piece’ and a ‘secondary piece’. Sometimes it’s difficult to visualise multiple artworks side by side in the same room, and you won’t know if the art will work harmoniously together until they have actually been hung inside your home. If you are buying multiple pieces for your home you can always move a conflicting piece of art to another room if it’s not ideal.

2021 wall art trends to welcome into your space.

Black and white abstracts.

Black and white abstract art is a true classic that will never go out of style. The boldness yet humbling element to abstract wall art means it will be a staple in design conscious homes for many years to come. Black and white or monochrome is a truly timeless colour combination too. By creating opportunities to mix and match, this versatile trend can complement your space—no matter your home décor. You can have vibrant coloured furniture or neutral walls and soft furnishing—and black and white abstract art will still look stunning in your space.


Biophilic design is where the natural world is brought indoors via the interiors such as wall art, wall paper, upholstery etc. This is very appealing this year as we all crave more of a calming, peaceful environment that reduces stress and helps us relax. Green is a very on trend colour that creates an inviting openness in your space. This is one of the main reasons why houseplants are so popular too. With the current circumstances—people have been confined to their homes more than ever so bringing the outside world in with biophilic wall art will really create a tranquil setting. Paintings, photographs or prints of natural landscapes, flowers, plants and greenery are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they connect us to the natural environment and give us a sense of well-being.

Maps and locations.

Holidaying and trips to magnificent places around the globe, invigorate and excite people. Many have strong connections to certain places and love to revisit memories taken from such locations on a daily basis through incorporating maps and location based wall art in their homes. This type of art may be in the form of framed maps and stylish artworks which foreground locations, cities or countries that you may have visited on holiday, or with which you hold a special memory or resonance. This type of art is explored in varying styles. Maybe you would like a black and white photograph of the Hong Kong skyline, an acrylic painting of the Swiss Alps or an intricate drawn map of Brooklyn. This type of art trend is a great way to personalise your space in a contemporary manner, without resorting to using holiday photos or large-scale landmark imagery which doesn’t look as stylish or refined in your space.


This style of art is basically animal art that encompasses whimsical animal imagery that allows you to tap into a childlike curiosity. Think mystical sea creature paintings or vivid photographs of lions in their natural habitat. This type of wall art is alluring and allows you to tap into the creativity of your imagination. When it comes to animals as a subject matter for art, exploring habitats is one of the central themes in which artists are drawn too. With a world of textures, colours and shapes to explore, nature is exciting to feature in many styles of art. Animal wall art hanging in our home can make us consider our own relationship to nature.

Line-drawn faces.

Line art is a contemporary drawing style that uses lines and strokes of different weights and angles, without using shading or gradient. Line-drawn faces are a style of art that capture intriguing elements of a face in the simplest way. Line-drawn faces have been plastered over soft furnishings, towels, wallpaper and every interior accessory imaginable. This art trend is very California influenced with that stripped back ultra-cool vibe. This style of work complements light, white and neutral interior settings. With a minimal design theme such as this, you then have the freedom to style this setting back with pale pink and earthy-coloured accessories to create a refreshing and inviting space. This also works great with a selection of interior plants such as palms, fiddle figs and any seasonal bouquet of flowers from your local market.

The human body.

The human body has always inspired art, and many artists have chosen to encapsulate the human body in abstract or realistic ways. Regardless of your preference in style, the human body serves as a representation of the world’s social and religious standards—it indicates cultural values, and above all; it symbolises absolute beauty. Humans and their environment have been explored through art since ancient times and people will never stop being drawn to the human form. There is a lot of flexibility with this particular trend as body art can consist of traditional oil paintings, hand-drawn sketches or colour-blocked shapes. As long as your art features at least a body silhouette, then it is classified as human body art. Human body art is progressive and a great conversation starter. This type of work can appeal to an abundance of people with varying tastes too.


It’s true that people are far more likely to call a room beautiful when its design is round instead of linear. There is supposedly a scientific reason as to why we are more drawn to curves and that’s because curves are attractive to us as they signal fertility and health. In earlier times women who were more shapely were seen as more fertile and therefore viewed by others as better equipped for child bearing. Sharp, straight lines are out and smooth, soft curved shapes are in abundance. You will find this in any high-end vintage store too with furniture suchs as bed suites, lamps and table tops. While a gorgeous curvy sofa may be completely impractical as it takes up all the space in a modest rectangular living room, an abstract piece of curvy-shaped art adds this trend into a decor scheme without compromise.

Virtual escapism.

The main motivation for escapism art is for the piece to divert our mind from daily struggles. In a complex modern world many appreciate surreal art that transports us to utopian dreamscapes. Striking virtual escapism art will shift our mind away from our day-to-day thoughts and take us elsewhere momentarily. Humans have always been fascinated with imagining what the future holds—near or far. Wall art with themes that focus around dystopian fantasies offer an escape within the confines of our own homes.

Vintage revival.

People are attracted to vintage art, clothing and collectables because these pieces offer an escape, “like watching old movies.” Vintage art allows you to immerse yourself in a different era and in a sense experience a different life. Vintage design refers to an item of another era that holds important and recognisable value. In art form this may include vintage floral prints, black and white portraits, acrylic paintings of vintage tableware/crockery and wisteria watercolours.  Animals such as rabbits, roosters and swans appear widely in a range of vintage themed wall art. A sense of home is evoked through vintage art that embraces whimsical detailing and classic charm.


Psychedelic art generally refers to art that has been influenced and created after the artist ingested hallucinogenic drugs—and of course the 1960s counterculture movement. A more modern take on psychedelic art is that it is a visual depiction of kaleidoscopic-like patterns emphasised in the Psychedelic Art movement. Psychedelic art combines pops of color and distorted patterns designed to channel creativity and instill a sense of liberation. If you are mesmerised by trippy shapes and groovy themes, opt to incorporate psychedelic art into your home. Psychedelic art is created with bold, bright and often contrasting colours or at times gradients of colour.

Real life scenes.

Photographs play an important role in everyone’s life as photos connect us to our past—and they remind us of people, places, feelings, and forgotten stories. Shots taken by skilled and artistically inclined photographers can inspire people, change someone’s views, shake someone’s ideals and educate people on certain topics. Humans are visual creatures, our love of images lies with our cognition. Images are able to grab our attention easily as we are immediately drawn to them. Unpolished photography and art with a grimy edge lets us display raw beauty in our home. This may be in the form of portraits, travel photographs, landscapes or barren settings. Real life scenes may be captured in a staged manner or off guard. With nighttime and daytime photographs—light and angles may come into play. This can evoke varying emotions for the intended audience.

Magic hour.

This has long been the perfect inspiration for photographers and painters alike because of its raw and untouched beauty. The golden hour or magic hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. From sunsets on the beach to sunrises over mountains, the versatility of amber can bring ambience to any space. There’s nothing more comforting than featuring a dark teal hillside against a soft, golden-orange backdrop in your living area. This is warm, alluring and promotes maximum relaxation within your home.

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