Alisa & Lysandra’s Top Tips for Selecting Artwork For Your Home

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Selecting artwork for your home can be an exciting adventure and a source of enjoyment for your family to treasure for years to come. It takes a few elements of design to be able to select the right artwork to suit your space, and for some, it can be a daunting process!

Our art collaborators, Alisa & Lysandra, are well versed in sourcing and curating the perfect art pieces for their many renovations and interior projects. We asked the design duo to share their top tips for choosing the right artwork for your home…


Size Matters

‘If we pick a large artwork, it may begin to overwhelm the wall it hangs on, but if the artwork is too small, it will be lost and seem out of proportion. The size of the furniture your artwork lives near is important too. As a guideline for proportion, the artwork should cover about 2/3 of the wall space above the furniture piece.’ – Alisa

Be Bold

‘If you have chosen a statement art piece, take into consideration its surroundings. The bolder the artwork appears, the more white space it requires around it to breathe, so as to not feel crowded. This helps to relax the eye and not make the artwork a negative focal point.’ – Lysandra


Colour Coordination

‘It is important to choose an artwork which harmonises with the colour portrayed in your room. When selecting a colour to match, pick out one or two of the boldest colours in your room. You can draw inspiration from a separate feature wall, cushions, personal treasures or decoration items.’ – Alisa

151221-021034-YjXtqITo Frame Or Not To Frame

‘If your artwork has many different colour schemes, it can be left without a frame to really become a focal point in our room. However framing your artwork can instantly transform a basic canvas into a sophisticated piece of artwork. Have a proper look at your space before deciding to frame or not and ask yourself what it is you are trying to achieve with your artwork. If you are after a casual look, don’t frame, if you are after a refined look then frame. At the end of the day there is not right or wrong way, just some things to consider before deciding.’ – Lysandra

‘Just remember that art work is a very objective and individual and will probably cause the most divide out of any other piece in your room. Be confident in choice because art can bring with it a lot of joy.’ – Alisa & Lysandra

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