Alisa and Lysandra’s New Art Collection

Art has always played a big part in interior design. It can spark emotion, draw attention to an area of a home, and become a great talking point in your house. For Alisa and Lysandra, often-times prints and paintings have been a huge inspiration behind their multiple interior design projects. To celebrate the launch of our 3rd art collection with Alisa and Lysandra, we sat down with the design duo and talked about their inspiration behind this new print series, and asked them to share their top tips for choosing the right artwork for your home!

ALblof4 UI: What was the inspiration behind this new collection? 

Alisa: Our collections are always influenced by the seasons, with each season showcasing its own distinct aesthetics of visual intrigue and beauty. The new collection incorporates winter tones with geometric designs which are minimalist at a first glance, yet wonderfully complex when you take a closer look. This allows for continuous visual appeal as there’s always another geometric detail you can discover when you zoom in your focus.

ALblog1 UI: This is your 3rd collection with us. How has the artwork changed and progressed throughout the seasons? 

Lysandra: We believe that nothing remains static, and this is reflected in our ever changing artwork. We have embodied the comeback of geometric patters which serve interiors equally as well as accent colours. Whilst this collection still follows the abstract nature of the artwork we can come to love, you will notice the beautiful contrast of geometric structure, and the softness of soft moody hues. 

UI: What is your favourite piece in this collection?girl tech

: ‘Girl Tech’ is like a micro-cosmos waiting to be explored. Have a closer look, what do you see? A facial figure that’s partially revealing through a collection of rustic hues, leaving imprints of textures that are suggestive and every bit intriguing.

mt metric canvas print




Lysandra: ‘Mt Metric’ has a rich and rather abundant appeal, embodying hues and textures of copper, rose quartz and lava with a nod to the digital era. The muted motherboard lines add a rather soft eccentricity to this piece which makes it a visual feast. The grey hues throughout make it a seasonal must have for any modern interior.

UI: How would you personally style your favourite pieces? 

Alisa: Our favourite pieces crave simplicity. In our projects we have married them with furniture that is bold, uncluttered and minimalist. That’s the beauty of these pieces, they can really deliver a bold aesthetic without you having to go over the top with styling. Where possible add decorative accents like cushions and throws that are rich in texture, just like these pieces, and always team up with indoor plants that offer an equal shape appeal, like a potted sansvevieria or fig leaf tree.

ALBlog3UI: You have been busyworking on multiple projects at the moment. Has the interior design from those projects influenced your new collection? 

Lysandra: We are consistent with our interior design ethos, and artwork is no exception. We have worked on a number of projects where the brief called for interiors that incorporate raw or urban accents, and true to our design philosophy we are still designing spaces that are perfectly juxtaposed by masculine elements with occasional feminine softness. This too is reflected in our new collection of artworks. 

ALblog2UI: What are your top tips on how to choose artwork?

Alisa and Lysandra: You don’t need to be an art connoisseur to be able to choose art. We have a number of clients who ask us to choose their artwork for them – and we do, but we also educate them on how and why we chose their pieces, because art in many ways is an extension of you and it’s a window to your personality. With so many options on the market, how do you even begin to choose? Our top 4 tips to share would be:

When you look at a certain piece of artwork, how do you feel? This is the very first question you need to ask your self. The artwork could be dark and moody but if it makes you feel good when you see it then you’re off to a good start, so make sure you choose artwork you love!

Dimensions are important and you need to get them right. A beautiful piece of artwork can easily look insignificant if it’s too small and if it’s placed on a large wall on it’s own. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

Look around your space and identify the two most predominant colours and start with them in order to draw inspiration. So that you avoid being too ‘matchy-matchy’ also pick an accent colour that appeals to you and see if you can source artwork that incorporates it in some way.

Remember that personality has no rules. Sometimes the most obscure piece of artwork has the capacity to ignite your wall!

The new art collection from Alisa and Lysandra x United Artworks can be viewed here.

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