5 tips for selecting Art for your home

At United Interiors we believe no home is complete without the addition of beautiful Art. Finding an Artwork that you love and getting that Artwork on your wall at home are two very different steps that can each be exciting and have their own challenges. Where do you start? And when you find the perfect piece, how do you hang it? We have put together a quick guide to help you choose and install Art in your home if you are looking to do this DIY.

Choosing your Art

Choosing an Artwork is an extremely personal experience. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have that “love at first sight” feeling with a piece of Art and nothing else matters we simply have to have it in our home! Sometimes we like too many and just can’t decide. There are essentially no rules, at the end of the day you should choose whatever feels right for you. If you’re having a little trouble deciding, here are 5 tips to help you on your way

     1. What is the purpose of the room?

We always recommend starting with the purpose of the room and how you want to feel in this room as this can draw out a lot of inspiration. Is it an entry that requires impact, a living room that has other focuses such as the TV or a dining area where you and your guests should feel comfortable and the focus should be on enjoying food and each other’s company.

    2. Who is your favourite Artist?

Looking at what style they represent can be a great starting point for understanding what direction you want go in. Does the artist include abstract, photographic, landscapes or other styles in their artwork? This can help you narrow down what type of artwork to start searching for.

    3. What colours do you have in your décor and which colours do you prefer?

The design and colour of your artwork can be inspired by your décor. For example, blues and greens are calming, natural, easy to look at colours that generally will generally sit well with most rooms, where as reds and oranges are bold and impactful they can create a statement and are best used where décor or furniture items reflect similar tones or tones that will be harmonious with the piece.


    4. What is the current trend?

Magazines, your favourite blogger or your go to homewares retailer are all fantastic sources of inspiration. From colour to pattern, seasonal changes and much more so grab your favourite home & lifestyle magazine and tag the pages that appeal to you most! Current trends can be great inspiration to find what you are looking for.

    5. Ensure that the scale is suitable.

Don’t waste time and fuss with newspaper! Simply use some Scotch tape and lightly mark out the area of your preferred artwork size. It’s quick, easy and lets you mark out more than one size artwork.

The overall look of the piece can be influenced by one or all of these factors just remember the main influence should be yourself!

Coming soon, how to install Art in your home DIY.


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